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tour leader

Fifty-five years old and he doesn’t feel like it!

He is a "busy" type in the sense that he is unlikely to be doing nothing. His greatest love is running; the marathon is the distance that has given him the most satisfaction.

Enrico’s second love is nature, and he tries to live it every day. For this reason, over time, mountain biking has replaced running.

He rarely uses a vehicle other than a bicycle; but he doesn’t disdain a road bike or an e-bike. Above all, every occasion is good to share his passions with others.

Accompanying guests by bike completes him, pushes him to take care of his physical shape, and allows him to share his passion for the territory and the culture of hospitality.

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yoga instructor

Inspired by movement, music and the arts, Jean has spent years cultivating her own fitness experience for participants of all ages that are seeking to create an equilibrium between body, mind and spirit. Her style is a unique combination of work in dance, aerobic, and resistance fitness with extensive training and a lifetime of discipline in both Yoga and Pilates. Together with her partner Joe she has developed and maintains their studio Wood Willow in Calgary. Her most recent certification and passion is the sub-specialty of Yin/Restorative Yoga. In this discipline, targeted yoga poses, using the aid of props, allow body and mind to find stillness with the breath. If you suffer from low back pain, tight hips, neck and/or shoulders, that is, if you are a road cyclist, this class is for you.


Joe yoga instructor.jpg

yoga instructor

It’s no surprise Joe first met Giuseppe on a bicycle tour in Italy. Twenty years later, after six or seven bike trips together in Italy (Sicily, Tuscany, Elba Island, Piedmont), and Canada they now combine their resources for this adventure.  Joe has been an active lifelong traveler supported by his long career as a surgeon. Lately he has laid his scalpel aside and now enjoys exploring the ancient lore of the yoga masters and integrating their wisdom with his human science background. Going back to school he recently completed his 200 hr Yoga Teacher certification. Out of his love of exercise, his background as a surgeon scientist, and his yoga/meditation exploration comes a unique lifestyle approach aiming for a thoughtful balance in body, mind, and spirit.  When not travelling he and his partner Jean continue this lifestyle in their Calgary home and studio. 


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Gloria, tour leader

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Hi, my name is Gloria; traveling and meeting people are essential to my life; it brings me energy and enthusiasm; even for this reason, I studied languages; it's interesting to see the connection between the languages and the cultures of the people.

Other interests in my life are Yoga and Capoeira, naturopathy, and permaculture; these interests connect me more with myself and the world through sustainable methods. 

I was a gypsy traveler, never staying anywhere for too long. Now I try to be more stable, even if I never stop moving; action is part of my life. That's why the bicycle is also one of my passions; for me, it is the means of excellence on a human scale; it is not too fast and slow; it is ecological and keeps you in shape and constant exercise.


Roberta, tour leader

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I consider myself a middle-aged woman with a millennial soul and a solid Sicilian identity.

Sport is the leitmotiv of my life; I was a professional athlete for about 20 years in a rowing team. Now I am an outdoor enthusiast: windsurfing, mountaineering, trail running, and cycling are among my favorites. 

After taking a degree in Natural Science, I began working as a tour leader all over Italy by chance, and I immediately realized that this job was perfect for me. 

It was the beginning of a beautiful experience; it links my passion for

interacting with people with the pleasure of walking and cycling, two beautiful ways of traveling and discovering the world gently, at your own pace. They give you the feeling of being part of the places you pass through and the perfect ways to discover Italy with the advantage of genuinely connecting with the landscapes and lifestyles of Italy.

“Be gentle with the Eart” is my philosophy of life.


I may define myself as a Cycling addict. The endorphin rush after each workout is eco-fuel for my mind and soul.

My professional life and passion for biking are in solid connection in a harmonious embrace that makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Owner of Bike Italy and one of the founders of the brand Siciclando. During the forced stop due to Covid, I started to work on the new brand Ride Your Life, biking experience where wellness for passionate bikers is the focus.

My professional mission is to ensure guests have safe and unique experiences, whether leisure cyclists on E-bikes or avid cyclists hungry for climbs.

When not pedaling, I love gardening, reading, and listening to audiobooks; I also love baking bread because of the slow process, the perfume it spreads in the house while cooking, and the incredible shapes it comes in


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