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Monteroni d'Arbia, route of the via francigena. Curved road, Field and trees. Siena on bac

Gravel bike tour

Fall group departure: September 22th, 2023

The Via Francigena directed to Rome was a series of itineraries rather than a real unitary road that linked Canterbury to Rome. It developed during the years of the Roman Empire due to the custom of pilgrims who went to the great destinations of medieval Christianity: Santiago, Rome, and Jerusalem.

This gravel bike tour crosses a short stretch of the itinerary; it goes from Siena to Rome, and is designed to be covered over a long weekend on self-guided, with luggage transfer and technical support, or escorted. A short break from daily commitments and frenetic rhythms will immerse you in a feeling of suspended time thanks to the beauty of the itinerary and the slow pace with which we will cross it.

Image by Anton Sulsky


ESCORTED 4pax minimum


Welcome briefing and orientation

Daily route briefing

5 nights in a 3-star hotel

5 breakfasts

2 dinners

3 light lunch

1 lunch in agriturismo

Luggage transport and vehicle support 


Price per person, in double/twin room: €2480



5 nights in a 3-star hotel

5 breakfasts

Luggage transport 


Price per person, in double/twin room, based on 2 people minimum: €1790,00

Solo traveler supplement: €580,00



  • Extra cost for single room: €265,00

  • Gravel bike hire: €245,00

  • Officine Mattio high-end Italian Gravel bike rental: € 295,00 (carbon or steal frame, disk brake, and mechanic shift

  • E-Bike hire: €295,00

Day by Day program

DAY1: Welcome to Siena

Siena is the starting place for our gravel bike tour to Rome; an iconic Tuscan city known for its medieval historic center.

Independent arrival in the city and free time for a walk in the historical center from which you should not miss Piazza del Campo, the square with over seven hundred years of history where everything happens for the Sienese. The square's concept was to be a neutral space for celebrating public events and able to host citizens in the confluence of the three main streets of the medieval city. Piazza del Campo is also where the Sienese celebrate the Palio twice a year, a religious festival identifying the city and deeply felt by the Sienese, which involves ten of the seventeen districts of Siena. This horse race repeats the circumference three times of the square

DAY2: Siena - Bagno Vignoni 59km - 845m el gain


The first kilometers of each tour always have that function of "transition effect" from the daily routine of everyday life to the relaxed pace typical of cycling. You enter a "space-time" bubble where the new pattern - pedal, eat, drink, rest - replaces that of everyday life, a kind of hypnosis beneficial for the body and mind. In this bike tour, this happens while we are surrounded by the scenery of the Tuscan hills, a Unesco heritage. Today's stage takes us to Bagno Vignoni, a fraction of San Quirico d'Orcia, still in the province of Siena.

The small village has a strong relationship with its thermal waters, which have attracted travelers for a long time and which were at the origin of its very existence.

The heart of Bagno Vignoni is Piazza delle Sorgenti, where there is a large pool of thermal waters; built around 1500, it is surrounded by Renaissance buildings that give elegance to the square as a whole.

DAY3: Bagno Vignoni - Proceno. 55km - 932m el gain

We proceed along the route of our gravel bike tour that will take us to Rome. We are stunned by the beauty of the hills and the small medieval villages we pass through. Sometimes we proceed side by side, chatting in the silence of the countryside; other times, we keep our breath to push on the pedals along short climbs that impose our own pace on each of us. We will stop tonight in a historic residence in the center of Proceno, a small village in Tuscia, a true architectural jewel in this area of upper Lazio of Etruscan descent.

DAY4: Proceno - Lago Di Vico. 91km - 1530m el gain

The arrival at our hotel on Lake Vico is accompanied by the scent of the volcanic lands of this place, which owes its origin to the accumulation of water from the surrounding peaks. Lake Vico originates from the caldera filling of one of the many volcanoes that exhausted their activity about 90,000 years ago. Today's stage is the longest; it will allow us to cross Tuscia and its capital, Viterbo, where it is worth spending some time, perhaps for a dip in the open-air thermal waters.

What better than a cold beer on the lake, enjoyed slowly to celebrate a long stage full of emotions?

DAY5: Lago Di Vico - Citta' Del Vaticano. 81km - 763m el gain


Today is the last ride of our gravel bike tour. Millions of pilgrims over the centuries traveled the itinerary in homage to the Pope as the highest representative of Christianity on earth and head of the Vatican state.

Our senses, almost dozing in the previous four days of pedaling immersed in silence, regain a state of greater attention. 

The entry to Rome is by bike path, which protects us from heavier traffic and gives us a quiet experience of approaching the town along its ancient river. 

DAY6: Arrivederci!

After breakfast, we’ll have a collective and coordinated transfer to Roma's main train station and end of services.


Your trip's route borders one of Italy's most picturesque areas: Tuscany Maremma. This rural and remote area is out of the usual touristic itineraries: quiet roads and unique villages carved on the tufa rock that seem to come out from the green of the florid vegetation. Biking here is an opportunity to explore an authentic corner of Italy. 

Why don't you add this two-day extension to the trip?

















DAY4 extension: Towards the Etruscan's realm. 41km - 934m el gain


Today's ride takes us to Sorano, a picturesque village in the rural Maremma - South of Tuscany -  sweetly hangs in the crux of a green-covered hill in Tuscany. The village flourished in the Etruscan; its mix of cliffs and tall houses today, lined by hidden streets, creates a picturesque village sometimes referred to as the "Matera of Tuscany." Layers of tall buildings rise to the city's top horizon, profiling Orsini castle, Duomo, and watch towers. There is a network of caves, passages, and tombs.  

DAY5 extension: Gems of Maremma. 64km - 1439m el gain

The loop ride of today takes us to some of the gems of this corner of Tuscany. We'll ride through Pitigliano, a wonderful town carved in the tufa cliffs above the countryside. There are more than 1,000 caves carved in the steep rock cliffs. This, combined with the tall walls of houses on top, make this town a majestic sight. Local people still use them to store wine and food.   See the charm of "Little Jerusalem," named for the strong Jewish community that inhabited this place in the 15th century.  


Sovana is a treasure chest of art, history, architecture, and culture. With only 122 residents, this town offers the Aldobrandeschi Castle and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in the 12th-13th century. Take some time to enjoy the Etruscan and Roman history told through exquisite frescoes and paintings.  

DAY6 extension: Back on track. 99km - 1668m el gain

Today's ride takes us back on the original track of the standard version of the trip. We'll ride a short section still in the Tuscany-Maremma region to move definitely to Lazio region, back on the route of the Via Francigena.


Tuscany Maremma Extension ESCORTED 

4 people minimum

Daily route briefing

2 nights in a 3-star accommodation

2 breakfasts

2 dinners

Luggage transport and vehicle support 


Price per person, in double/twin room: €785,00

Gravel bike hire: €135,00

E-Bike hire: €165,00

Single room supplement: €75,00

Tuscany Maremma Extension SELF GUIDED:


2 nights in a 3-star accommodation

2 breakfasts

2 dinners

Luggage transport 

Price per person, in double/twin room, based on 2 pax minimum: €330,00

Gravel bike extra hire: €135,00

E-Bike hire: €165,00

Single room supplement: €75,00

Solo traveller supplement: €210,00


​Regarding difficulty, the trip includes uphills and some long rides, so we suggest the trip is for intermediate or above-level riders. 

In the self-guided version, we'll provide the luggage transport. 

The guided group version includes our guide with the support vehicle

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