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Aggiornamento: 13 feb 2022

It is known that your state of mind plays a vital role in the realization of a sporting goal. Motivation, psychic endurance, the ability to manage performance anxiety, and goal orientation are essential ingredients for each athlete aspiring to achieve the results he has set for himself. Realizing mind has an important impact on the result of the entire performance, many professional athletes, cyclists included, now consider meditation and visualization as vital in the preparation for their seasons.

I see a connection between biking, meditation and yoga. I know it may seem to group different things together but if your mindset is one of mind and body being vital then training them together makes sense. The ancient yogis used body postures to free the mind to focus on meditation. Think of your body tuned to the saddle and the peddles as a posture designed to allow your mind to work its magic. With this mindset your bike can be a training tool for your body as well as your mind.


In sport, "there is a lot of head," precisely because the sporting activity requires discipline, perseverance, and commitment in training, demands the ability to hold out in the face of the fatigue and sacrifices it that entails, and the ability to withstand the emotional pressure of a race or during the days preceding it.

If you are not trained, if the body does not respond, there will be very little to do. A superbly trained body though is only a machine. It needs the internal motivational dialogue, the clear positive direction, that a wise mind (that mental state that the American psychotherapist Marsha M. Linehan calls "wise mind") provides to realize full potential. This results from repetitive training of both body and mind.

Therefore, we can realize our full potential, build toward a performance of excellence, in sport, work, or play. Just as the manager in the business field is solely responsible for the evaluation, planning, implementation, and control of a project, the responsibility for our direction is ours alone.

We are what we think and maintaining awareness of our thoughts becomes a key element.

The mind overcomes the feeling of fatigue, and at the same time relishes the pleasure we feel in doing a specific activity.

The mind supports the body when fatigue pulls at you and manages self-confidence with the flow of thoughts.


Regardless of competitive goals, embracing the time dedicated to our cycling activity with a mind free from interruptions and thoughts is a form of meditation. It allows us to immerse in that specific moment to be more efficient in our training. It helps in listening, connecting with ourselves, our muscles, out breathe and, overall, is a crucial aspect of everyday life. Connecting bike and yoga together can be a formidable tool for training this ability.

Our bike & yoga retreat tour is an opportunity to enjoy the essence of biking. The opportunity to feel your body work and respond as your mind relaxes and lets the full experience sink in without nagging distractions.


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