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Aggiornamento: 13 feb 2022

Simple questions sometimes have complex answers with several nuances. This is how each of us defines a ride as an EPIC one.

If you were to look up the word "epic" in the dictionary, you’d find the following meanings: "an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity," "heroic or grand in scale or character," and "particularly impressive or remarkable."

Although this word is used to define several other sports, in our case we would like to emphasize the word "epic" in connection with a bike ride.

How about your cycling experience? What made that occasion memorable?

Was it that time it rained? Or that other one when you were biking down alone, almost frozen from that peak? And how about when you cycled with that group of friends, all running together like a perfect machine?

Or the time when you started pedaling before the sun came up? You were full of anxiety and excitement because of the long route, with that big climb in front of you? Was it the Stelvio Pass? The Agnel Pass, or was it the Finestre Pass? The Giau Pass? It doesn't matter because the point is you, your emotions, the meaning of that experience for you.

For some of us, Epic Ride is a bike ride that you don't know if you will be able to accomplish. Epic includes the challenging level, something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

You start pedaling with your heart full of anxiety, and mile after mile, you begin to feel that you can do it and still feel a mix of strain and excitement. It's beautiful how, even after a long period of time, the sounds and the air you were breathing are still clear in your mind. You have a vivid memory of the colors of that moment: the grey of the rock, the deep green of the trees in the woods you passed through, the faint first light of the sun on the peaks of the mountains when it was humid, and the air was so clear.

For someone else, the memory of an Epic ride may be connected to a ride near the sea. That someone was immersed in a beautiful bright light with the mountain rock on one side and the blue of the sea on the other side, legs pushing on the pedals as one with the bike along the climb. The memory of that moment remains in that person’s mind still today.

We may have a long list of memories like these; however, an Epic ride may be something straightforward but just as beautiful because of the route itself and the views along the way.

An Epic ride can even be an easy coffee ride with someone who has been injured, and it is their first ride back on the bike after an extended period. The celebration of that meaningful moment for your friend makes that ride so remarkable in your memory.

It could also be a ride where you encountered something or someone who made it extraordinary.

EPIC doesn't have to mean a tremendous feat, but it could have emotions, or it could be heartfelt, too.

Or it could also mean that something or someone is assisted or helped during a difficult situation along the ride.

Perhaps an epic ride is that experience that becomes part of us and makes that moment unique by staring into colors and sensations. It creates connections between us and the world.

Epic experiences make us bigger.


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