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Whatever your biking style, we have the perfect trip for you.
Whether you prefer road cycling, gravel biking, or e-biking, you can choose the option that fits better to your needs: self-guided, fully guided, or escorted tours.

Ride Your Life, cover image with one of our personalized tour.

Personalized tours

Share your dream tour with us, together we’ll bring it to life

Ride Your Life, cover image with one of our personalized tour.


Ride Your Life

Every bike ride unfolds a story, each ascent whispers its own secrets to you.

The act of cycling up a climb is a dance with discomfort, yet it forges strength and carves a deeper understanding of your soul.

The value lies not in the speed at which you reach the summit, nor in your position within the group.

It’s about the ascent itself; a journey into a mystical dimension where you find communion with your innermost self.

Ride Your Life: featured tours

Renew Your Spirit: Explore Our Exclusive Bike Tours and Retreats!

Dolomites Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Dolomites cycling, where unparalleled wellness unfolds on the canvas of climbs and breathtaking landscapes.

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Dolomites Training Camp

Whether you're new to cycling or a seasoned racer, our Ride Your Life Dolomites Training Camp in Italy's stunning Alta Badia and Val Gardena offers the perfect blend of expert training, cozy accommodations, and delicious local cuisine. Improve your technique and nutrition while enjoying massage facilities and the local culture. Elevate your cycling skills in…

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Balance & Bike: A Mindful Cycling Retreat, bike camp at a Sicilian agriturismo

Discover Serenity and Adventure with our Sicilian Agriturismo Bike & Yoga Retreat. Dive into a rejuvenating six-day experience that combines tranquil yoga sessions, scenic bike rides, and authentic Sicilian culinary delights, including hands-on pizza-making.

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Etna Volcano Dual Ascent: The Ultimate Sicilian Bike Adventure

Discover the thrill of ‘Dual Ascent: The Ultimate Sicilian Bike Adventure,’ combining serene coastal rides with the volcanic landscapes of Mount Etna.

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Elevate Your Cycling Passion

Ride Your Life, cover image with one of our bike tours.

Tailor-made Tours with Ride Your Life

Individualization: your specific requirements and preferences shape the services we provide.

Outstanding Customer Service Throughout: you will receive active involvement in tour creation and ongoing support throughout the booking process.

Cycling and wellness destinations

At Ride Your Life, we champion the belief that harmony between body and mind is crucial for true happiness, influencing our interactions and fostering deeper human connections.
A happier state of mind opens our hearts to life’s beauty, encouraging a kinder, more welcoming approach to others.
Through physical activity, immersion in nature, and stepping away from daily routines, we offer transformative experiences designed to elevate both physical and mental well-being, paving the way for a richer, more fulfilling life.


What People Say

“My cycling adventure with Ride Your Life was nothing short of amazing. Beyond the picturesque routes and comfortable hotels, the support during the ride was outstanding. From well-stocked aid stations to prompt assistance, the team ensured a smooth and enjoyable cycling experience. Giuseppe’s meticulous planning reflected in the seamless logistics, making the trip worry-free.”

juan g.mclean – virginia

Advice and insights for your bike trip

Explore Our Cycling Journal: A Voyage Through the Soul of Cycling and Well-being. Dive into a curated collection of stories, insights, and discoveries that capture the essence of cycling culture, the pursuit of wellness, and the breathtaking landscapes and biking routes of Italy. Each entry is a testament to the adventure and spirit of cyclists, weaving together vivid narratives and perspectives to inspire your journey towards holistic well-being

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