Dolomites Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Your exclusive Dolomites cycling

Based in the picturesque town of Ortisei, this tour, offers a unique blend of exhilarating rides through pristine valleys and the ultimate relaxation at our spa and wellness hotel. Designed in the Dolomites’ legendary cycling realm, the tour includes an exclusive combination of well-known and lesser-explored routes, offering a holistic view of this cyclist’s paradise.

The retreat is for small groups of friends who cherish both adventure and well-being, this 7-night experience promises not just a journey through the majestic mountains but a voyage into rejuvenation and health.

Dolomites cycling creates unforgettable memories. A serene environment where the spirit of cycling and the essence of wellness are intertwined.


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate / Difficult
DURATION: 7 nights / 8 days
GROUP SIZE: From 4 participants and up to 12
LOCATION: Italy, Dolomites region
WHEN: Suggested periods are June and all September up to mid October.
1 scheduled date for this retreat:
September 29th, 2024

What is included in Dolomites Cycling & Wellness Retreat

  • 7 Nights in 5 star wellness hotel in the Dolomites.
  • 7 Breakfast.
  • 4 Light lunches.
  • 7 Dinners.
  • 1 Bike cloth laundry.
  • Medical check and nutritional program for the week*
  • Access to the ADLER water world with 5 pools and to the ADLER Spa with the new outdoor sauna area
  • 350 m² fitness world with innovative equipment, as well as participation in daily fitness- & yoga-classes
  • Van Support.
  • Italian-English speaking tour leaders**
  • GPS tracks.
  • Tour agenda of the trip with maps, graphs, and daily program.
  • Energy gels, drinks, and bars for the rides.
  • Cumulative arrival, private transfer from Venice Airport.
  • Ride Your Life Cycling jersey.
  • Ride Your Life water bottle.

*The nutritional program will provide the group a set of balanced fundamental nutrients for your well-being according to the level of physical activity. Details of the nutritional program will be part of the Tour Book at the end of the trip.
**A second tour leader is included from the 7th participant


Departure: September 29th, 2024
GUIDED: €4790 per person, min 4 participants in double / twin room

Departure: June 9th, 2025
GUIDED: €4880 per person, min 4 participants in double / twin room

Basso Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake and mechanic shift: €360,00
Brand and models may vary in year or color, and an alternative bike of equal value may be provided if the preferred model is unavailable

Officine Mattio high-end Italian Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake, and electronic shift: € 440,00


Tips for guides, travel to/from the start and end points of your trip, meals and activities during your free time. All of the items not included into the services included list above.

Dolomites Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Your home away from home

Nestled in the picturesque town of Ortisei, our 5 star spa and med resort stands as a beacon of comfort and luxury. The hotel boasts amenities meticulously tailored to meet the needs of cycling enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike. This Dolomites cycling experience offers more than just picturesque landscapes; it’s also a journey towards inner peace and well-being.

From elegantly designed rooms that offer panoramic views of the Dolomites to the serene spa facilities where relaxation and recovery go hand in hand, every detail is curated to enhance your stay. One of the highlights of this retreat for many, is our bespoke nutritional program, custom designed with specialized doctors to replenish and nourish your body after a day of exploration.

The doctors and and chefs work together to find the best crafting meals that not only delight the palate but also provide the optimal balance of nutrients essential for your well-being and performance.

Holistic health

The essence of our retreat is a holistic approach to wellness, where physical activity and mental clarity are integrated with luxurious wellness treatments.

Cycling in the Dolomites will build physical strength and endurance. Meditation will build mental clarity and serenity. Our tailored nutrition program will not only ensure overall health but also the beautiful local cuisine. All this set against the backdrop of a luxurious spa in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It’s a journey where every ride, every moment of stillness, and every meal is a step towards holistic health.

Adler Balance Spa Ortisei Dolomites
DAy 1
Welcome to the Dolomites

DISTANCE: 17 miles (29km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 2975 ft (907m)

A coordinated welcome transfer will escort the group from Venezia airport to our tranquil hotel and spa nestled in the Dolomites. After settling into your room and soaking in the breathtaking views, join us for a bike fitting session to prepare for the week’s adventures. This will be followed by a warm-up ride to make sure that the bike fits you and to start a connection with the majestic surroundings. The evening will welcome you back with a cocktail reception, where we’ll share in the anticipation of the days ahead. Together, we’ll enjoy a welcome dinner, introducing you to the local flavors and our tailored nutritional program, designed to complement your cycling journey

MEALS: Welcome dinner is included

DAy 2
Furcia Pass Exploration

DISTANCE: 50 miles (84km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 6297 ft (1920m)

DISTANCE: 26 miles (44km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 4277 ft (1304m)

Every day at our retreat begins with a moment of tranquility and focus through stretching and meditation, setting a serene tone for the adventures ahead. After a nutritious breakfast, we embark on a customizable cycling journey around the Plan de Corones, tackling the famous Furcia Pass, a highlight of the Giro d’Italia. With options to adjust the route’s length via a supportive van bypass, every participant can craft their ideal challenge. A rejuvenating light lunch is served amidst the day’s exploration. The afternoon offers free time for personal relaxation, inviting you to enjoy the spa at your leisure before we gather for a communal dinner, celebrating our day with local culinary delights.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included


DAy 3
Alpe di Susi and Castelrotto

DISTANCE: 46 miles (77km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 7459 ft (2274m) 

Our retreat continues with the harmonious blend of morning tranquility through stretching and meditation, perfectly preluding another day of exploration. Today’s counter clockwise bike ride, starting directly from our hotel, offers new perspectives of the splendor and wonder of Dolomites cycling. The afternoon is yours to savor freely, whether you choose to indulge in the hotel’s amenities or wander through the charming town. Today also presents the perfect opportunity to utilize the included bike cloth laundry service, ensuring fresh gear for the adventures ahead. As we gather for dinner, the spirit of camaraderie within our group shines brighter, enhanced by shared experiences and the collective joy of our journey.

MEALS: Breakfast and dinner included

Day 4
The Majestic Sella Ronda

DISTANCE: 48 miles (80km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 7971 ft (2430m) 

DISTANCE: 36 miles (60km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 6475 ft (1974m) 

The day begins in our now-familiar way, grounding ourselves with stretching and meditation, followed by a breakfast aligned with our nutritional program, fueling us for the day’s challenge. By this last ride of the trip, we tackle the Sella Ronda, a jewel in the Dolomites and a centerpiece of the annual road bike event Marathon of Dolomites Our route offers flexibility: a van provides a head start to Selva di Valgardena for a more focused experience, while enthusiasts longing for a fuller challenge can embark directly from our hotel, extending their adventure to 80km.
After exploring the stunning vistas of the Dolomites, we return to our hotel for a celebratory dinner. It’s a moment to cherish our day’s accomplishments, the beauty around us, and the unity forged through our shared experiences and tailored nutrition.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included

Day 5
Erbe Pass

DISTANCE: 23 miles (39km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 5458 ft (1664m) 

Following our serene start with meditation and breakfast, we head to Gudon via van, embarking on a scenic ride through Erbe Pass. This route offers stunning views of the Dolomites, with a picturesque coffee stop to enjoy the alpine beauty. Our descent takes us to San Martino in Badia, encapsulating the area’s rugged charm. Post-ride, a traditional Maso awaits us for lunch, offering a taste of local culinary traditions. We then return to our hotel in Ortisei for a leisurely afternoon and communal dinner, sharing stories of the day’s adventures and the beauty we’ve witnessed.

MEALS: Breakfast and dinner included

Day 6
Ortisei to Carezza – Unveiling Hidden Trails

DISTANCE: 31 miles (51km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 5428 ft (1655m) 

Day 6 encapsulates the essence of our adventure—seeking solitude and splendor in the Dolomites’ hidden corners. It starts with our mindful morning ritual, setting the stage for a unique ride from Ortisei to Carezza. Today’s route, carefully chosen, diverges from the bustling routes of the Badia Valley, leading us through quieter, less trodden roads. This decision showcases our commitment to exploring the Dolomites’ diverse landscapes away from the usual tourist tracks, offering serene encounters with nature’s magnificence.
After immersing in the day’s peaceful journey, a van transfer brings us back to Ortisei, with ample time to reflect on our discoveries. The evening’s communal dinner celebrates these new perspectives, enriching our collective experience with tales of less crowded paths and the beauty they hold.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included

Day 7
The Grand Finale – Falzarego Loop & Farewell Celebration

DISTANCE: 31 miles (52km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 4480 ft (1366m) 

DISTANCE: 48 miles (80km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 7412 ft (2260m) 

DISTANCE: 65 miles (108km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 9568 ft (2917m) 

Our final day begins with the peaceful grounding of our morning routine, setting an anticipatory tone for the Falzarego Loop, a quintessential ride for cycling aficionados in the Dolomites. Renowned for its Maratona delle Dolomiti inclusion, the loop offers not only stunning vistas and challenging climbs but also a symbolic conclusion to our journey.
Standard Route: A shuttle to Corvara kicks off the 51km loop, rounded off with a shuttle back, allowing time to explore Corvara. It’s the perfect blend of challenge and leisure.
Extended Ride: Seeking more? The 79km option starts with a headstart, eliminating the shuttle return, for deeper immersion into the Dolomites.
Ultimate Challenge: For the intrepid, a 108km ride from Ortisei back, encapsulating the essence of the Falzarego challenge.
The inclusion of Passo Falzarego balances famous and secret trails, offering a complete Dolomites cycling experience. Our journey culminates with a farewell dinner, not just celebrating today’s triumphs but reflecting on our shared adventures. This evening is a celebration of every hill conquered, every landscape cherished, and the camaraderie that blossomed, marking the end of an unforgettable expedition.
Day 7 closes our chapter with a tapestry of stories and achievements, a testament to the spirit of adventure and the bonds forged amidst the majestic Dolomites.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and farewell dinner include

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