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bike tours and experiences for cycling dreamers


For many of us, the effort is part of the pleasure of a cycling tour. We are not talking about supermen or superwomen, just normal people with a passion for biking.

Fatigue boosts our self-confidence and helps us to achieve self-knowledge a few meters forward providing a profound sense of accomplishment. 

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Avid or leisure, the effort is indeed part of the pleasure of the experience at any level of cyclists:

Each meter forward can symbolize progress and personal growth in our daily lives that we can incorporate into our life experiences.

Everyone has his own way of experiencing his bike tour

in self-guided, where you experiment yourself into a safe net of tested routes and services, or 

as leaded-supported groups, where our tour leaders and van support assist you along the tour and where shared experiences create a strong feeling of camaraderie, lasting memories, and friendships.

Stelvio Cycling

Is cycling a sort of meditation?

Bike Tours

Cycling is a way to clean our mind. 
While we are cycling, we must focus on the environment around at that specific moment.
Focus, together with the rhythmic motion of pedaling, can lead us to a meditative state of mind.


Our cycling tours take you through beautiful landscapes and scenic routes, allowing you to connect with nature and appreciate the world around in a unique way regardless at which level of cyclist you are, muscular or electric bike we have the one to let you have your milestone experience.

Our selection of boutique hotels, often with the spa, are given; you deserve your rewarded comfort once the bike ride is done while tasting food of the local traditions will refill your muscles and spirit.

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