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Road and Gravel Bike Tours

Discover our selection of road and gravel bike tours.
Enjoy a great cycling vacation in Italy

Road and gravel bike tours

Find your perfect bike tour with us.

Whether it’s road cycling, gravel biking, e-biking; self-guided or fully guided tours, we’ve got you covered. From tested itineraries and comfortable hotels to luggage transfer and engaging activities, we handle it all.

All bike trips featured in this catalogue are e-bike friendly.

Dolomites Cycling & Wellness Retreat

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Dolomites cycling, where unparalleled wellness unfolds on the canvas of climbs and breathtaking landscapes.

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Stelvio & beyond: Italy’s epic climbs tour

Embark on a cycling journey across Italy's iconic climbs, including the legendary Stelvio, on our "Stelvio & Beyond Cycling Tour".

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Balance & Bike: A Mindful Cycling Retreat, bike camp at a Sicilian agriturismo

Discover Serenity and Adventure with our Sicilian Agriturismo Bike & Yoga Retreat. Dive into a rejuvenating six-day experience that combines tranquil yoga sessions, scenic bike rides, and authentic Sicilian culinary delights, including hands-on pizza-making.

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Etna Volcano Dual Ascent: The Ultimate Sicilian Bike Adventure

Discover the thrill of ‘Dual Ascent: The Ultimate Sicilian Bike Adventure,’ combining serene coastal rides with the volcanic landscapes of Mount Etna.

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Ancient Trails & Greek Ruins – Western Sicily Gravel Bike expedition

The Interior of Sicily will take you back in time. More than just a bike tour, this adventure is a deep exploration into the heart of Sicilian culture.

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Tuscan Hills & Elba Island Cycling Escape

What if we told you that we have the ideal bike tour in Tuscany?

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Eternal Pathways – Siena to Rome Gravel Adventure

Rural landscape of the Unesco Siena Hills and the Maremma and Tuscia areas (the South of Tuscany and the North of Lazio). Small undiscovered villages, great food and wines. The route is super quiet and out of the traffic.

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