Dolomites Training Camp

Dolomites Training Camp

Your unique Dolomites training camp

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get serious about cycling or an experienced racer aiming to fine-tune your performance, our cycling training camp will provide the structured environment and expert guidance needed to reach your goals.

In fact, the Ride Your Life Dolomites training camp is designed in a breathtaking landscape, featuring stays in two different locations: Alta Badia and Val Gardena.

Of course, participants will enjoy comfortable accommodations equipped with massage facilities, perfect for unwinding after a day’s ride.

In addition, one of the main highlights of our bike training camps is the presence of two essential figures: the mental coach and the nutritionist.

This is because we believe a training Camp should not only allow you to enjoy cycling, great food and connection with the local culture, but also enhance your understanding of technique, nutrition, and endurance, especially during climbs and long distances.


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate / Difficult
DURATION: 6 nights / 7 days
GROUP SIZE: From 6 participants and up to 12
LOCATION: Italy, Dolomites region
WHEN: Suggested periods are June and all September up to mid October. 1 scheduled date for this retreat:
September 29th, 2024

What is included

  • 6 nights in two wellness hotels, 4-star and 5-star.
  • 6 Breakfast.
  • 3 Light lunches.
  • 6 Dinners.
  • 2 bike clothing laundry services.
  • Access to the ADLER water world with 5 pools and to the ADLER Spa with the new outdoor sauna area
  • 350 m² fitness world with innovative equipment.
  • Van Support.
  • Italian-English speaking tour leader (s)*
  • Mental Coach.
  • Nutritionist.
  • GPS tracks.
  • Tour agenda of the trip with maps, graphs, and daily program.
  • Energy gels, drinks, and bars for the rides.
  • Cumulative arrival, private transfer from Venice Airport.
  • Ride Your Life Cycling jersey.
  • Ride Your Life water bottle.
    • * A second tour leader is included from the 7th participant

June Departure: €4698 per person, min 6 participants in double / twin room

October Departure: €4790 per person, min 6 participants in double / twin room

Basso Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake and mechanic shift: €320,00
Brand and models may vary in year or color, and an alternative bike of equal value may be provided if the preferred model is unavailable

Officine Mattio high-end Italian Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake, and electronic shift: € 390,00


Tips for guides, travel to/from the start and end points of your trip, meals and activities during your free time. All of the items not included into the services included list above.

Dolomites training Camp

A unique and spectacular territory

When you bike in the Dolomites, you become part of a unique and spectacular landscape, dramatically framed by 3000-meter peaks, deep river valleys, and rocky cliffs that emerge from dense woods like sharp fangs. Not to mention sunrise and sunset when the rock walls glow a mesmerizing pink, making everything even more spectacular.

In addition, as you pedal silently up these climbs, you will be enveloped by the breathtaking scenery, feeling an intense connection with nature. However, it is incredible to think that 250 million years ago this area was an underwater coral reef. Today it is an ecosystem tailor-made for cyclists and climbers. Therefore, it is perfect for our Dolomites Training Camp.

The core of Ride Your Life training Camp: a holistic approach to training and wellness

At the heart of our training camp is a holistic embrace of training and wellness that integrates essential elements such as physical activity, nutrition tips, professional mental coaching, and indulgent wellness care.

Not only that, a luxurious spa is housed in the training camp to ensure that every aspect of your well-being is thoroughly cared for.

Overall, the entire training camp offers more than just a cycling experience; on the other hand, it provides an opportunity for enjoyment and growth in cycling that will leave you with valuable knowledge and good practices to incorporate into your daily life.

Ride Your Life’s unique Dolomites training camp is not just about fitness, it is a journey to holistic wellness.

DAy 1

Welcome to the Dolomites training Camp

DISTANCE: 17 miles (29km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 2975 ft (907m)

A coordinated welcome transfer will meet the group and escort you to our charming 4-star hotel in the heart of the majestic Dolomites. Once settled in, we will have a bike fitting session followed by a gentle warm-up ride. Obviously, this initial ride will help us fine tune the bike settings to ensure comfort and performance.

Afterwards, a cocktail reception and talk will give us an overview of the exciting experiences that await us. In addition, we will hear personalized insights from our mental coach and nutrition tips.

MEALS: Welcome dinner is included

DAy 2

Giau Pass

DISTANCE: 53 miles (89 km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 8574 ft (2614 m)

The inaugural ride of our Bike Camp features the iconic Giau Pass. Since 1973, when much of its route was still unpaved, the Giro d’Italia has showcased the ascent to the Giau Pass. The breathtaking views of the Sella Group and the Marmolada are sure to inspire us during our climb, possibly easing the perception of its steepness.

Of course, in the afternoon, join us for a relaxing aperitivo and meet our mental coach and nutritionist, who will be available to discuss strategies for enhancing your performance and well-being throughout the camp

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included


DAy 3

The Majestic Sella Ronda

DISTANCE: 40 miles (67km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 6356 ft (1938m) 

Begin your day with a nourishing breakfast, preparing you for the Sella Ronda, the crown jewel of the Dolomites and a highlight of the annual event Marathon of Dolomites. This route offers breathtaking views as you cycle through iconic peaks. After the ride, take the opportunity to relax with an optional refreshing massage at the hotel. In the afternoon, join the discussion with our mental coach and nutritionist who will provide unique tips to enhance your biking experience. The day will end with dinner at a farm, where you can meet some residents and learn more about the local culture. It’s an enriching experience, fostering connections that go beyond the scenic rides.

MEALS: Breakfast and dinner included

Day 4

Badia to Ortisei via Pordoi Pass

DISTANCE: 35 miles (58km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 5445 ft (1660m) 

Bike ride transfer this morning from Badia to Ortisei through the enchanting Dolomites. We’ll depart from Alta Badia to ascend the majestic Pordoi Pass, enveloped by the peaks of the Sella Group and Marmolada. Embrace the climb, embodying the Ride Your Life philosophy where the journey matters more than the summit. We’ll then descend into Val Gardena, celebrated for its woodcarving and stunning scenery, before arriving in Ortisei. This picturesque town, offering cozy retreats and local cuisine, will be our base for the next three nights.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and dinner included

Day 5

Alpe di Susi and Castelrotto

DISTANCE: 49 miles (82km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 7973 ft (2430m) 

Our Bike Camp continues with our established routine of invigorating morning rides followed by enriching afternoon sessions with our mental coach and nutritionist. Today’s counterclockwise journey offers fresh perspectives of the Dolomites’ breathtaking landscapes. The afternoon is yours to enjoy and relax with the hotel’s amenities before our daily meeting with our coaches. As we gather for dinner, the spirit of camaraderie within our group shines brighter, bolstered by shared experiences and the collective joy of our journey.

MEALS: Breakfast and dinner included

Day 6

Ortisei to Carezza – Unveiling Hidden Trails

DISTANCE: 31 miles (51km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 5428 ft (1655m) 

The final ride of our Bike Camp captures the essence of our adventure finding splendor in the Dolomites’ hidden corners. The day begins with an energetic breakfast to set the stage for a unique journey from Ortisei to Carezza. Today’s carefully chosen route diverges from the bustling paths of the Badia Valley, guiding us along quieter, less-trodden roads. This choice underscores our commitment to offering a blend of well-known and lesser-explored routes in the Dolomites, allowing you to enjoy diverse landscapes away from the typical tourist tracks and immerse in serene encounters with nature’s grandeur.

After the ride, a van transfer will return us to Ortisei, providing ample time to unwind and join the final meeting with our coaches. The evening’s communal dinner will celebrate these new perspectives, enriching our shared experience with stories of less crowded paths and the beauty they reveal.

MEALS: Breakfast, light lunch and farewell dinner included

Day 7

After breakfast, it’s time to say good bye

MEALS: Breakfast

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