Stelvio & beyond: Italy’s epic climbs tour

Stelvio & beyond: Italy’s epic climbs tour

Feel the energy of the Alps and Dolomites through the emblematic bike climbs of Italy

Pedaling through Italy’s UNESCO gems: the majestic Alps and Dolomites

Embark on a cycling journey across Italy’s iconic climbs, including the legendary Stelvio, on our “Stelvio & beyond cycling tour.” This adventure is crafted for cyclists seeking to challenge themselves on Italy’s famed ascents, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to the epic landscapes and stories of the Giro d’Italia.

Experience the thrill of climbing Stelvio and other renowned Italian mountains, supported by our expert team and enhanced with local culinary delights. Join us to fulfill your cycling dreams amidst Italy’s breathtaking views and legendary roads.

Pick you date, we’ll do the rest.


DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Moderate / Difficult
DURATION: 8 nights / 9 days
GROUP SIZE: From 4 participants and up to 12
LOCATION: Italy, Alps and Dolomites region
WHEN: Suggested periods are June and September

What is included in your Stelvio & beyond: Italy’s epic climbs tour

  • 8 Nights in 3 and 4 star hotels.
  • 8 Breakfast.
  • 6 Light lunches.
  • 5 Dinners.
  • 1 Bike cloth laundry.
  • Van Support.
  • Two Italian-English speaking tour leaders: 1 biking with you; 1on van support (from 7pax).
  • GPS tracks.
  • Tour agenda of the trip with maps, graphs, and daily program.
  • Energy gels, drinks, and bars for the rides.
  • One cumulative arrival, private transfer from Venice Airport.
  • Ride Your Life Cycling jersey.
  • Ride Your Life water bottle.

PRICE: €3890 per person, min 4 participants in double / twin room

Basso Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake and mechanic shift: €360,00
Brand and models may vary in year or color, and an alternative bike of equal value may be provided if the preferred model is unavailable
Officine Mattio high-end Italian Road bike. Carbon frame, disk brake, and electronic shift: € 440,00


Tips for guides, travel to/from the start and end points of your trip, meals and activities during your free time. All of the items not included into the services included list above.

Italy’s bullet list climbs – Stelvio & Beyond: Italy’s Epic Climbs Tour

Gateway to Adventure: Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa’s streets are a live art exhibit, graced with masterpieces by renowned artists like Palladio and Canova. Its famed wooden covered bridge, declared a National Monument in 2019, stands as a testament to the town’s rich heritage.

Perched along the Brenta River and under the watchful gaze of Monte Grappa, Bassano shines as Vicenza’s crown jewel. A paradise for aficionados of art, history, and gastronomy, it beckons with the promise of unforgettable discoveries and experiences

Live your dreamed bike ride!​

Embark on a cycling journey through breathtaking landscapes celebrated by UNESCO. Conquer Italy’s legendary climbs, a dream for cyclists worldwide. Indulge in the exquisite regional wines, from Valdobbiadene’s sparkling Prosecco to the refined notes of Cartizze, Pinot, and Müller-Thurgau.

Unwind in boutique hotels offering cozy comfort and authentic local charm after each exhilarating day.
With a perfect blend of vigorous routes and rich cultural encounters, our tours accommodate 4 to 12 guests, ensuring an intimate and customized experience. Embrace the Ride Your Life philosophy: where camaraderie flourishes and every route is crafted to meet your desires, making for an unforgettable and deeply fulfilling adventure

DAy 1
Arrival in Bassano del Grappa

Kickstart your Italian cycling journey with a group transfer from Venezia airport to Bassano del Grappa. The adventure begins with a celebratory welcome dinner, setting the tone for the memorable experiences ahead.

MEALS: dinner included

DAy 2
Monte Grappa Ascent

DISTANCE: 37 miles (62km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 5947ft (1813m)

Ascend Monte Grappa, a legendary Giro d’Italia climb, blending rigorous challenge with the scenic splendor of Italy’s landscapes. A day where every pedal stroke is a story. 

 MEALS: breakfast included

DAy 3
Valdobbiadene Exploration

DISTANCE: 39 miles (65km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 2719 ft (829m) 

Venture towards the Dolomites through Valdobbiadene, a region celebrated for its exquisite wines. This ride is an invitation to immerse in Italy’s rich culture and gastronomic excellence.

MEALS: breakfast, light lunch and dinner are included

Day 4
The Dolomites Experience

DISTANCE: 40 miles (67km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 6484 ft (1977m) 

Today’s Sellaronda loop is a breathtaking introduction to the Dolomites, offering a thrilling blend of stunning vistas and challenging ascents that capture the essence of Italian cycling.

MEALS: breakfast and dinner are included

Day 5
Dolomites Marathon

DISTANCE: 31 miles (51km) 
ELEVATION GAIN: 4592 ft (1400m) 

Continue exploring the Dolomites, tackling iconic passes like Valparola and Falzarego. Each turn brings the Alpine majesty into focus, enriching your cycling vacation.

MEALS: breakfast included

Day 6
Prelude to Stelvio

DISTANCE: 49 miles (81km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 2789 ft (850m) 

Head towards Bormio, preparing for the iconic Stelvio Pass. Today merges the excitement of epic climbs tour with the Alps’ unparalleled natural beauty.

MEALS: breakfast and light lunch are included

Day 7
Stelvio Pass Challenge

DISTANCE: 13 miles (21km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 5117 ft (1560m) 

Stelvio Pass is a climbs tour, the zenith of Giro d’Italia. The pass is masterpiece engineered by Carlo Donegani, constructed between 1820 and 1825 as a strategic route through the Alps. Today’s ride combines the thrill of an epic climb with the unmatched natural beauty and historical ingenuity of the region.

MEALS: breakfast included

Day 8
Cancano Lakes Discovery

DISTANCE: 22 miles (38km)
ELEVATION GAIN: 2948 ft (899m) 

Conclude your adventure around Cancano Lakes, celebrated in Giro d’Italia lore. A fitting culmination of a journey deep into Italy’s cycling heritage.

MEALS: breakfast, light lunch and dinner are included

Day 9

As we bid “Arrivederci,” reflect on an odyssey that has taken you from the serene beauty of Bassano del Grappa to the awe-inspiring peaks of the Dolomites and the legendary climbs of the Alps. A journey of discovery, challenge, and unparalleled beauty awaits your return.

MEALS: breakfast included


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