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Via Francigena Gravel: Six Must-See Spots in the center Italy Tuscan-Lazio Area

Via Francigena Gravel - Six Must-See Spots in the Tuscan-Lazio Region - Ride Your Life - Italy Bike Tours - (2)

The Via Francigena is an ancient pilgrimage route that winds its way through Europe, offering modern adventurers a chance to explore historic paths on foot or by bike. This storied route stretches from Canterbury to the Vatican, with numerous trails converging towards the eternal city. 

Today, the Via Francigena has become a popular choice for trekkers and gravel cyclists alike. In this article, we’ll dive into the gravel cycling experience along the Via Francigena, focusing on six must-see locations between Tuscany and Lazio.

Introduction to the Via Francigena Gravel

The Via Francigena, an ancient road used by pilgrims in medieval times, is a network of routes rather than a single path. It connects Canterbury in England with Rome, traversing the heart of Europe. 

This historic route offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty, making it an ideal adventure for gravel cyclists. Along the way, cyclists can enjoy serene landscapes, historic towns, and the rich tapestry of European history.

The Tuscan-Lazio Stretch of the Via Francigena Gravel

Among the many beautiful sections of the Via Francigena, the stretch from Tuscany through Lazio stands out, particularly as it leads to the majestic conclusion in Rome, the Eternal City. If you want to experience this piece of history, you can consider riding the gravel route of the Via Francigena from Siena to the Vatican City.

This part of the route offers cyclists a scenic journey through some of Italy’s most picturesque regions. While the route can be tailored to individual preferences, the classic path takes you through Tuscany’s iconic Strade Bianche white roads, the UNESCO-listed hills of Siena, the enchanting Maremma, and the historic Tuscia region in Lazio.

Six Must-See Spots on the Tuscan-Lazio Via Francigena Gravel Route

Siena: medieval marvel

Starting your journey in Siena, you’ll be immersed in a city rich in medieval history and culture. Known for its stunning architecture and the famous Palio horse race, Siena offers a perfect blend of historical exploration and modern amenities. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore its narrow streets, visit the Piazza del Campo, and enjoy a taste of local cuisine before hitting the gravel trails.

Bagno Vignoni: historic hot springs

One of the most unique stops on the Via Francigena is Bagno Vignoni, renowned for its ancient hot springs. The village’s main square is dominated by a large thermal pool, which has been used since Roman times.

Lago di Vico and Lago di Bolsena

These two lakes offer a tranquil retreat along your journey. Lago di Vico, nestled within a volcanic crater, provides a serene environment perfect for a restful break. Similarly, Lago di Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe, offers stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. Both lakes are excellent spots for a picnic or a quick swim to refresh yourself during the ride.

Proceno: a historical haven

Proceno, a small village in the province of Viterbo, is steeped in history. The village’s castle, which dates back to the Middle Ages, stands as a testament to its historical significance. Proceno offers a glimpse into the past, with its well-preserved architecture and inviting ambiance making it a must-see on your gravel journey.

Viterbo: a hilltop city

Viterbo is a medieval and Renaissance city perched on a hill in northern Lazio. Take time to explore places like San Pellegrino, a medieval district in Viterbo city, where the ancient stone buildings and narrow alleys transport you back in time. The Viterbo area is home to numerous small towns that exude an old-world charm.

The Tuscia area: cultural crossroads

The Tuscia area in Lazio is rich with cultural and historical treasures. This area, once the heartland of the Etruscans, is dotted with archaeological sites, charming villages, and rolling vineyards. It’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in Italy’s ancient history and enjoy some of the finest local wines.

Experience Via Francigena Gravel with us

For those seeking an authentic and immersive experience, the Ride Your Life Eternal Pathways – Siena to Rome Gravel Adventure offers the perfect opportunity. This tour is designed around the Via Francigena section from Siena to Rome, with an extension into the lesser-known Tuscany Maremma. It provides a genuine connection with the landscape and culture, ensuring an authentic experience of discovering the route.

Embark on a gravel cycling adventure with Ride Your Life and experience the Via Francigena like never before. Discover the beauty, history, and tranquility of this legendary route.

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